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Lunch Recipe

CORN THINS are a great tasting idea for a quick, healthy lunch, either at your desk at work, or in the comfort of your home

Leftovers for lunch - Corn Thins slices with radicchio lettuce and vegie mix
??? depends on amount of leftovers
20 mins for dinner, 1 min as leftovers
Leftovers for lunch - Corn Thins with Asian grilled pork & garlic greens
serves ??? - depends on leftovers
30 mins (for dinner), 1 min as leftovers
Quick office lunch of tuna & mayonnaise on Corn Thins slices
serves 1
1 mins
Salmon & fennel on CORN THINS
serves 1
2 mins
Baked Ricotta & salad greens on CORN THINS. Gluten free, vegetarian
serves 2
Give 4 hrs (Prep time 30 mins, cook time 1hr, waiting time 2.5 hrs)
Ploughman's with CORN THINS, turkey, pickles & onion
serves 1
2 mins