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Our Story

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Our core purpose is to provide innovative, quality food products that contribute to the health and well being of people around the world.
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Our Story

Our company history dates back to 1980, and our own food philosophy and company vision is reflected in our approach to food and distribution. 

Real Foods Pty Ltd is an Australian company producing, marketing and distributing popped-grain crispbreads for the Australian and export markets. 

The company was founded in 1980 by Michael Pels, the current owner and Managing Director, and employs 100 people in its manufacturing facility in Sydney, Australia. 

Real Foods has experienced rapid growth since the development and launch of its major product line branded CORN THINS™ in 1997, a natural, low-fat crispbread/popped corn cake made from popped grains of corn. 

Real Foods is strongly focused on innovation and technical development, having developed, in-house, the unique technology used to produce the CORN THINS™ range. This technology is subject to patents in Australia, the US, the EC and other countries around the world.

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Our Vision


We are a company devoted to producing quality food products that contribute to the health and well being of people around the world. 

Our pioneering spirit will guide us to explore new markets and to develop innovative new products in accordance with our strategic principle and food philosophy. 

With passion and pride we will challenge the status quo in our quest to lead the market and serve our consumer.

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Food Philosophy


At Real Foods, we seek to provide people everywhere with new and exciting food, which is wholesome, natural, and a pleasure to eat. We are committed to producing the highest quality products and abide by our food philosophy to ensure complete integrity in our promise of "100% Natural Enjoyment".

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Statements & Certification

Genetically Modified Organisms Statement
  • It is the policy of Real Foods to ensure that every product manufactured is free from any Genetically Modified Ingredients.

  • Real Foods have asked for and received assurances from our suppliers of maize, soybeans, rice, buckwheat, millet, sorghum, sesame seeds, chia seed, seasonings and sunflower oil that none of the products sourced from them contain genetically modified organisms.

  • Maize and soybeans are the foods most subject to genetic modification in the United States and are therefore of primary concern. None of our Maize or soybeans are sourced from the United States. Real Foods have implemented a rigid Vendor Assurance Program, requiring written confirmation from each supplier, that the ingredients supplied are free from Genetic Modification. Further to this, we conduct random sampling of our raw materials and have these samples tested by an independent laboratory to confirm the genetic status of the raw materials purchased, are GMO free.

  • Real Foods recognises that this issue is of concern to many worldwide. We strongly support the principle that the consumer has the right to make an informed choice as to whether they wish to consume foods containing genetically modified ingredients. We therefore support full and comprehensive labelling of all food products containing genetically modified ingredients.

  • We will continue to make regular, ongoing inquires of our suppliers in order to stay informed of the possible presence of any GMO ingredients and if necessary, to switch our source of supply so that those products which are GMO-free remain so.

Gluten Free
  • Real Foods manufacture a variety of traditional and flavoured CORN THINS™, and 2 varieties of RICE THINS™. All these products are gluten free.

  • Real Foods recognizes that it is important for our consumers who have been medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, or have dietary concerns about gluten, to have accurate information to help make informed choices about our products. It is Real Foods policy to ensure that our products are gluten free and to clearly identify the Gluten Free status of our products.

  • Real Foods have implemented a rigid Vendor Quality Assurance Program, requiring detailed written confirmation from each supplier, that ingredients supplied are free from gluten. Further to this, we conduct random sampling and independent testing of finished products to confirm our products are gluten free.

  • We will continue to make regular, ongoing inquires of our suppliers in order to stay informed of the possible presence of any gluten and if necessary, to switch our source of supply to ensure our gluten free status is maintained.

Allergen Statement
  • The following products manufactured by Real Foods contain no known allergens: 

    • Real Foods CORN THINS™ Original

    • Real Foods CORN THINS™ Multigrain

    • Real Foods RICE THINS™ Wholegrain & Ancient Grains

  • The following products manufactured by Real Foods contain allergens as identified beside each product:

    • Real Foods CORN THINS™ Soy & Linseed: Soybean 

    • Real Foods CORN THINS™ Organic With Sesame: Sesame Seed 

    • Real Foods CORN THINS™ Tasty Cheese: Milk & Soy

    • Real Foods CORN THINS™ Sour Cream & Chives: Milk & Soy


  • Real Foods' Quality Department is dedicated to minimising the opportunity for cross contamination of allergens. When manufacturing any of these products our Quality team ensures that our specific clean down procedures between product change-overs are implemented. These clean down procedures ensures that lines, equipment and all surfaces that are in contact with product are adequately cleaned down.

  • Real Foods has implemented a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system (HACCP) to support this claim.

Environmental Policy Statement
  • Real Foods respects the environment and accepts our responsibility to conduct all our activities with due concern for the environment.

  • We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business operations, while continuing to provide high quality products and services that meet consumer and customer needs.

  • In addressing environmental issues we shall: 

    • Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards 

    • Seek continuous improvement; via planning ways to further enhance our energy efficiency and working to minimise the generation, and environmental impact, of waste on land, air and water. 

    • Ensure that significant plant and process changes are assessed in advance to prevent adverse environmental impacts 

    • Act as an environmentally responsible neighbour 

    • Implement corrective actions in a timely manner 

    • Minimise, wherever practicable, the environmental impact of packaging while maintaining quality and safety standards. 

    • Give preference throughout our business to purchasing products and materials made of recycled content if these products and materials satisfy current performance, safety, regulatory and cost requirements.

  • Managers are responsible for ensuring that the commitments of this policy are met and adequate resources are made available; that employees are made aware of this policy, are appropriately trained and encouraged to fulfil their environmental responsibilities. All employees have a responsibility in achieving the goals of this policy.

  • Managing Director

  • Michael Pels

  • September 2016

Kosher Certification
  • Real Foods manufacture 4 varieties of Regular (unflavoured) CORN THINS™,  one variety of RICE THINS™ (Wholegrain) and one variety of WHOLE GRAIN THINS™ (Ancient Grains). All Regular varieties manufactured by Real Foods are certified Kosher and Pareve. Flavoured CORN THINS™ variants are not Kosher certified. Our manufacturing division meets the requirements of The N.S.W. Kashrut Authority both in manufacturing practices as well as using Kosher ingredients, e.g. Kosher approved sunflower oil. This is verified with the KA logo on the packaging of each of our products.
Food Safety and Quality 
  • Real Foods has been certified to SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing (Ed. 8.1). This includes certified HACCP based food safety plans.

  • Additionally Real Foods has been certified to SQF Quality Code; Edition 8.1. This includes a comprehensive Quality Management System

  • SQF is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) internationally recognised Food Quality and Safety standard.

Organic Certification
  • Real Foods hold Organic Certification through Australian Certified Organic (ACO). Certification ensures compliance with national organic production standards. Real Foods also hold USDA (USA) Organic Certification through ACO, so any Real Foods products using the USDA Organic logo are deemed to be fulfilling the requirements detailed in the National Organic Program (NOP).
FDA Food Facility Registration

  • FDA Registration Certificate