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Dinner Recipe

For a quick, healthy and tasty option for dinner why not try some delicious topping options with CORN THINS to give you a very satisfying alternative for dinner

Greek Salad with Baby Octopus on CORN THINS slices
10 mins (if buy cooked baby octopus)
Pumpkin soup & CORN THINS slices
serves 10
60 mins
Pulled pork & coleslaw on CORN THINS slices for dinner
serves 1
3 mins
Vegetarian Fried rice on CORN THINS slices for dinner
serves 1
30 mins
CORN THINS slices with salami, capsicum, tomato, ham & mozzarella - Pizza
serves 1
2 mins
Banh Mi on CORN THINSs lices
serves 4
10 mins
Bruschetta made with CORN THINS slices
serves 1
2 mins
Vegetarian Nachos,with CORN THINS, Gluten Free
serves 2
20 mins
Fig, Goats Cheese & Honey CORN THINS
serves 1

2 mins