How Women Can Use the Power of Low GI to Maximise Productivity in Their Day

Posted November 2023
Avocado, boiled egg & watercress on Corn This slices

A life of the modern woman requires you to be switched on all the time, to be able to multitask and still manage to look good doing it. Your diet plays a big role in how you can cope with and maximize how much you get out of each day.

One factor to help support your ability to take on each day at your best is by selecting low GI foods or a meal or snack with a low GI load. GI load is the effect of multiple foods eaten together on your blood sugar.

With both rankings, the higher the score the more quickly the food will raise your blood sugars and consequently your insulin or the hormone needed to take the glucose or sugar from your blood into your cells. To get more details on the difference between GI and GL see the blog ‘GI and GL Explained. Does One Matter More than The Other?’

Some of the many reasons it matters to include meals which have low GI load like the recipe available on the Corn Thins webpage for Avocado, Boiled Egg & Watercress on Corn Thins slices are:



  1. Give Your Body Energy Which Lasts Longer

Reaching for a handful of candy to spike your energy may seem like a smart choice until you are hit with the inevitable sugar crash following. A low GI meal or snack will give your body and brain the prolonged energy you need to take the day like the endurance event it is not a sprint.


  1. Helps To Maintain and Achieve a Healthy Weight

Including meals and snacks with a low GI helps you to feel fuller for longer and prevent the munchies from taking over. This, over a day, can help you to keep your calories in a healthy amount to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. The benefits of being a healthy weight are many including reduced risk of chronic diseases like cancer, type two diabetes, and heart disease. This will allow you to keep living your best by feeling your best each day.


  1. Put Your Best Face Forward

Everyone wants to put their best face forward. A low GI diet may help reduce acne breakouts.


  1. Reduces Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Following a low GI diet may reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.


  1. Reduces Your Risk of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)


  1. Help to Manage Symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Many components of PCOS are linked to insulin resistance. This is the reduced ability of the cells of your body to respond normally to insulin. A low GI diet may help reduce symptoms associated with insulin resistance including irregular periods, facial hair, weight gain, and acne.


Take home message: Living life in the twenty first century can be relentless. Make life a bit easier for yourself by providing your body with the optimal nutrition it needs to function. One component to consider helping optimize your wellbeing and function when selecting the foods you eat is its GI effects on your body.



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