Dark Chocolate, Pistachio & Rose Petals

Posted August 2023
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Dark Chocolate, Pistachio & Rose Petals with Corn Thins slices
Recipe Time
10 mins
Recipe Serves
2 slices per person

Break up the chocolate and put in a small but deep microwavable bowl. Put in the microwave on high for 1 min. Take out of the microwave and give a gentle stir. There will still be some un-melted chocolate. Put back into the microwave for another 60 secs. Then gently stir again. All chocolate should be melted. Dip each Corn Thins slice in the melted chocolate, then sprinkle immediately with some crushed pistachio nuts & the rose petals. Put aside for chocolate to solidify...then eat.



Corn Thins slices

200g Dark chocolate

Pistachios (crushed)

Rose petals (edible ones)

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    • Madeleine

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