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Posted November 2020
Vegemite, Cheese and Leftover Christmas Turkey on CORN THINS slices
Vegemite, Cheese and Leftover Christmas Turkey


This recipe of the month has Aussie classic written all over it. Vegemite now comes in a 40% reduced salt variety which is kinder to your blood pressure. Additionally, this reduced salt variety has B vitamins which you need to make energy from the food you eat, this includes folate (B9) which is needed to make and repair your DNA. Also, B12 which keeps your central nervous system working well and to make red blood cells.

Corn Thins® slices will provide more B vitamins as well as fibre for a healthy gut. Whole Grains are essential for health and 6 cakes make up 1 serve of the three minimum serves you need daily to stay healthy. Whole Grains have more fibre, vitamins, and minerals over refined varieties. Research has shown that they help keep your body at a healthy weight, reduce your risk of certain cancers and support heart health. The type of soluble fibre found in whole grains called beta-glucan helps to drag out the cholesterol from your body, preventing it from being reabsorbed and consequently lowering your total cholesterol levels.


Turkey and cheese add protein which will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Both are also good sources of vitamin B12. Cheese is a good source of vitamin A which keeps your immune system working at its best and helps to keep your eyes healthy. Cheese is also a good source of calcium and phosphorous which keep your teeth and bones strong. Turkey is a good source of animal-based iron called haem iron. This type of iron when combined with plant based non-haem iron, such as the type found in Corn Thins® slices help to increase the amount of iron your body can absorb. Both cheese and turkey are good sources of zinc which, like vitamin A, keep your immune system working at its optimal level. This is a Christmas leftover recipe to save for this year.

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