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Posted May 2020
CORN THINS slices with bakes beans & egg for breakfast

Using CORN THINS slices for Breakfast Instead of Toast


If you want to treat yourself to a warm breakfast but feel that bread is going to make your body feel heavy, then this is a good swap to try! Using Corn Thins™ slices instead of bread can be a good gluten free option, or if you do not have any other bread in the house. A serve of Corn Thins™ slices is a source of whole grains which means using these instead of bread may be a better choice especially if your pantry is only stocked which refined white bread. Whole grains give your body more fibre as well as valuable nutrition which is removed during the processing in refined grains. This includes B vitamins which support your nervous system function and help you turn the food you eat into energy. Also, iron and zinc which helps your immune function and skin stay healthy and strong.

This breakfast is a great choice for other reasons too. Firstly, it includes protein sources which are not meat based. This is helping the planet as well as your gut health. The protein found in the bakes beans contains the type which feeds the good bacteria in your gut. Your gut health is heavily linked to your immune function with 70% of your immune cells located in your gut. Secondly, the eggs and baked beans provide good sources of plant-based iron. Iron is essential for transporting oxygen around your body.

Eggs are also a good source of B12 and choline. These vitamins play a role in making sure your central nervous system works well. Eggs also support the health of your thyroid by supplying the selenium and iodine. Make sure you keep the yolk as this part has vitamin D which allows calcium to be absorbed properly in your body as well as vitamin A. Vitamin A helps your vision stay sharp and also supports a well-functioning immune system. So why not warm yourself up with this recipe of the month which may be more nutritious than the original recipe which you have been using.

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