White Chocolate & Sprinkles

Posted April 2020
Recipe Image
Corn Thins slices coated with White Chocolate & 100 & 1000'S sprinkles
Recipe Time
5 - 10 mins

Melt some white chocolate melting buttons in the microwave. This will take 1 - 2 mins. Check after 1 min to ensure chocolate is not over heated, as this can dry out the chocolate, so it becomes hard & unusable. Stir a little to help all chocolate melt evenly.

Once melted, dip surface of a CORN THINS slice into the chocolate. Hold CORN THINS slices by the edges with your fingers, or with tongs, to avoid fingers going into the melted chocolate. Place on a plate then sprinkle on 100's & 1000's candy sprinkles. Repeat with other CORN THINS slices till as much as possible chocolate is used up. Put aside for a couple of minutes to cool, then enjoy. One lucky person can also get the job of licking the chocolate bowl clean.



White Chocolate Melting Buttons

100's & 1000's candy sprinkles

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