Spaculaas Spread & Strawberries

Posted January 2019
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Spaculaas Spread & Strawberries on CORN THINS slices
Recipe Time
2 mins

So you have never heard of Spaculaas spread.Well its also called Speculoos Spread, or Biscoff spread. Well neither had we. Spaculaas spread is a cookie spread, based of the Dutch biscuit Spaculaas. It can easily be made at home (if you can find the biscuits) via , or buy the spread online, if you don't have a Dutch store anywhere near you.


For this one, just cover the CORN THINS slices with Spaculaas spread, then layer on the strawberry slices. Yum! Try and stop at one.



Spaculaas spread (or Speculoos spread, or Biscoff spread)

Strawberries (sliced)

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