Live A Longer Life by Following A Diet With More Plant-Based Foods

Posted February 2024
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Eating a diet which is largely plant based has many health benefits. The matrix of nutrients that come from eating a variety and abundance of plant-based foods can support your body to help function at its best.

The world health organization has reported that every one in two deaths globally is due to heart disease, type two diabetes, and cancer. Your diet choices play a major role in determining your risk of developing these chronic diseases. Plant-based foods have become more in the spotlight as a potential lifestyle choice to help reduce your risk of developing these three chronic diseases and to reduce your risk of death.

Research is strong supporting a diet which is largely plant based for optimal health. A new systematic review and meta-analysis considered the strongest form of research has reinforced the potential health benefits of plant-based dietary patterns to reduce your risk of type two diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and death.

Researchers found that when plant-based diets where followed which included healthy plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains and wholegrain containing foods like Corn Thins slices, beans and legumes, were associated with a reduced risk of type two diabetes, cancer, heart disease and death from all causes. In contrast, when a plant-based diet did not include these whole foods and were comprised of less healthy choices like ultra-processed foods such as chips, pastries ,baked goods and fried foods, were linked to chronic disease states.

For some, eliminating all animal-based foods is not achievable. However, you can reap the benefits of plant-based foods by structuring your meals and snacks to be largely plant-based. Aim to create your meals to include three quarters or more from a plant-based food and snacks at least half. Also, aim for a meat free meal once or twice a week.


Take home message: You do not need to eliminate animal products to benefit from the health benefits of including plant foods in your diet. By structuring your meals and snacks to include a larger component of plant- based foods you can reap the health benefits of these foods.



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