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Posted December 2023
Roast Chicken, grapes & haloumi on Corn Thins slices

The produce of the month for January makes a delicious snack to enjoy straight from the vine. The fruit I am talking about is grapes. 

Grapes are a good source of many nutrients including vitamin C which helps to promote an optimal immune system function and is needed to make the protein collagen. Also, potassium which helps to lower your blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy. Grapes will also help to meet your daily dietary fiber needs as a source of fiber. Adults need between 25-38g of dietary fiber each day. One cup of grapes will give your body around 1.4g of dietary fiber.

Grapes are also a good source of vitamin K which helps your blood to clot normally and copper which is needed for several functions including helping your body to produce energy and to create iron.

You can enjoy grapes as part of a summer salad, in a smoothie, with yoghurt or on top of cereal. One of my favorite snacks is Corn Thins slices topped with cheese and sliced grapes, pure perfection! 

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Accredited Practising Dietitian
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