Love Soluble Fibre to Reduce Bloating and Gas

Posted April 2023
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Do you suffer from frequent bloating and gas? Your first thought may be to reduce the amount of fiber in your diet but this may be counterproductive. Research suggests that by including fiber, specifically foods rich in the type of fibre called soluble fiber, may help reduce the symptoms of bloating.

Soluble fiber is a type of fiber which plays many roles in keeping your gut healthy. Soluble fibre when combined with fluid forms a gel. This helps to slow digestion, promoting a healthy body weight by keeping you feeling fuller for longer as well as helps to form a comfortable stool to pass. This type of fiber has different varieties and some of these varieties act as prebiotic fiber. Prebiotic fiber is the food source for the health promoting microbes in your gut. Examples include inulin and dextrin as two types of soluble fiber which also a prebiotic source.

Researchers investigated the effects of dextrin on twenty healthy participants. After two weeks of fourteen grams a day of dextrin researchers found that both bloating and gas symptoms had reduced in these participants. Researchers found that the gut microbiome of these participants had shifted. The volume of microbes had increased, how food sources were metabolized changed. Specifically, there was an increase in the types of microbes which produced chemical messengers called short chain fatty acids, as well as the type which metabolized the B vitamin biotin and could modulate bile acids. Bile acids are needed to break down fats.

By including a diverse range of plant-based foods in your diet you will be giving your body a range of different fibers and prebiotic sources. Whole foods like vegetables, seeds, fruits, nuts, legumes, beans, and wholegrains and wholegrain containing foods like Corn Thins slices all contain a matrix of health benefits for your gut health and are a source of soluble fiber.

Take home message: Make soluble fiber your friend if you suffer from bloating. Keeping the health promoting microbes happy by providing prebiotic fiber sources like certain soluble fiber types, could be the missing link to help reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of bloating.



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