Another Reason to Love Seafood and Plant-Based Foods

Posted March 2022
Roasted beetroot dip, smoked salmon, horseradish, creme fraiche & dill on Corn Thins slices

Eating a diet which is rich in plant foods and contains seafood has many health benefits. A recent study has now added another potential health benefit regarding the severity of COVID-19 symptoms experienced.

2884 healthcare workers from 6 different countries reported their diet type, demographic information, and COVID-19 severity. A diet higher in animal-based proteins like poultry, red meat and processed meats resulted in a greater frequency of severe and moderate COVID-19 symptoms. Diets which were low in carbohydrate and high in these types of animal protein reported an increased level of moderate to severe COVID-19 symptoms.

In contrast, those individuals who followed a plant-based diet of foods like vegetables, legumes, whole grain containing foods like Corn Thins slices, nuts, and seeds as well as those that included these foods with seafood had a 73% lower risk of moderate COVID-19 symptoms and 59% lower risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms.

It is recognized that if you are obese, have type two diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease, these conditions put you at a greater risk of more severe COVID-19 symptoms. Previous research on plant-based and pescatarian based diets have evidence to support these two styles of eating and reducing your risk of these conditions.

Plant foods like Corn Thins slices and seafood are rich sources of many vitamins and minerals which allow your body to function optimally. This includes vitamin A, D, C, iron, selenium, and zinc which support a normal functioning immune system. Omega-3 fat found in seafood promotes an anti-inflammatory state in your body which supports overall health and wellness.

Take home message: While diet cannot remove the risk of contracting COVID-19 this study provides insight to how your diet pattern may influence your severity of symptoms if you were to contract this virus.





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