Smoked Chicken, Avocado, Tomatillo Salsa & Coriander

Posted February 2022
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Smoked Chicken, Avocado, Tomatillo Salsa & Coriander on Corn Thins slices
Recipe Time
2 mins
Recipe Serves
serves 1

Add the smoked chicken to each CORN THINS slice, add the avocado, then spoon on some tomatillo salsa. Finally add some coriander leaves & season with salt & pepper (if desired)


3 CORN THINS slices

Tomatillo salsa (store bought or home made)

150g Smoked chicken (sliced, store bought or home made)

1/2 large avocado (sliced into 1cm chunks)

Fresh Coriander 

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    • Madeleine

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