A Healthy Gut Microbiome May Be The Missing Link to Enhancing Your Chances of A Successful Pregnancy

Posted October 2021
Hommus, falafel, cucumber, broad beans on Corn Thins slices

The blessing of becoming pregnant occurs when many systems in both partner’s bodies are working well. For the woman this means an optimal state in her endometrium as well as the correct balance of hormones and level of immune system response. Your immune system is largely made from your gut and hence your gut microbiome plays a major role in influencing your immune system function.

A recent study conducted in Japan found that women who were infertile had a greater amount of a type of microbe genus types Barnesiellaceae and Phascolarctobacterium and an increase if the Stenotrophomonas, Streptococcus, and Roseburiaand.

12 out of the 18 women who were considered infertile choice to include a combination of 10g of soluble fiber in the form of partially hydrolyzed guar gum and  combined therapy comprising embryo transfer by assisted reproductive technology. At the end of the combined therapy out of the 12 patients receiving the combined therapy 52.8% became pregnant 47.1% did not become pregnant.

These finding provide insight to the possible influence of your gut microbiome in assisting you to become pregnant. A diet rich in a variety of different plant foods like whole grains and whole grain containing foods (including Corn Thins® slices), nuts, seeds, vegetables, legumes, and fruit can help you to achieve your needed daily fiber targets. One good source of soluble fiber which is the type of fiber supplemented in this study are whole grains, or whole grain containing foods like Corn Thins® slices.

Three serves of whole grains are recommended a day for your health with one serve being 6 Corn Thins® slices. This can be topped with other plant foods like tahini, hummus, avocado or nut butter to combine the types of fiber and other healthful compound which feed your good bacteria like polyphenols.  Keeping your gut health optimal is beneficial for your health in many ways, one which may include increasing your chances of becoming pregnant.

Take home message: A healthy gut plays a major role in your overall health status. With more research the link between your gut microbiome and promoting a successful pregnancy may be better understood. A healthy gut may be the missing link to improving chances of having a child.


Komiya S et al. “Characterizing the gut microbiota in females with infertility and preliminary results of a water-soluble dietary fiber intervention study.” Journal of Chemical Biochemistry Nutrition, vol. 67, no. 1 (2020): 105-111

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