Product of the Month - April

Posted March 2021
Edamame dip with Corn Thins slices

This recipe is a must try for many reasons. Edamame is essentially baby soybeans and is a healthy food to add to your day. Edamame is a complete source of protein which means it gives your body all the amino acids it needs to make a complete protein. The Corn Thins® slices add more protein which helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer and is needed to make and repair all the cells in your body.

Edamame is a good source of calcium which is essential for strong bones and teeth and normal muscle contractions. Corn Thins® slices and edamame also provide your body with folate which is needed to make and repair DNA. Corn Thins® slices are rich in other B vitamins which allow your body to make energy from the food you eat.

Soy and Corn Thins® slices promote healthy cholesterol levels as good sources of fibre. Fibre plays other important roles like giving you sustained energy, keeping you feeling fuller for longer which promotes a healthy weight and may reduce your risk of certain cancers like colorectal cancer.

Both edamame and Corn Thins® slices give your body iron and zinc which plays an important role in optimising your immune system function.  Iron is also needed to transport oxygen around your body. Edamame is also a source of vitamin A which helps to keep your eyes healthy as well as vitamin K which helps your blood to clot normally and plays a role in keeping your bones strong. Edamame and Corn Thins® slices are two fantastic foods for your body and have been combined into one delicious and nutritious recipe. Enjoy!

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