Could Pizza Be Healthier Than Cereal for Breakfast?

Posted March 2021
Raw pizza using Corn Thins slices

If someone asked you if pizza were healthier than cereal for breakfast you would probably reply cereal. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that it depends on the ingredients of both the cereal and pizza you are comparing.

If you are considering a Pizza from a fast-food chain over oats, then yes oats win. If you are planning on making your own pizza using a whole grain containing base like Corn Thins slcies, no added sugar and low salt tomato paste, lots of vegetables, lean protein, and cheese over Coco Pops pizza wins for the best breakfast choice.

If you do not want to have to chose between the two then here are some easy ways to alternate between the two during the week.


When selecting cereal make sure there is less than 15/100g of added sugar, less than 120mg/100g sodium for low or less than 400mg/100g sodium for moderate sodium. Also, less than 10g of total fat/100g and less than 3g of saturated fat/100g. Aim for more than 3g fibre per serve and when selecting milk opt for less than 2g/100g of total fat.

Adding a serve of fruit and/or cinnamon over sugar or honey means removing excess added sugar while adding more fibre, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.



When selecting your tomato paste use the above guide when selecting your product. The goal for cheese is to have less than 15g/100g of total fat. When selecting your lean meat skip the processed meats which are linked to cancers like stomach and colorectal cancer as well as tend to be high in sodium which increases your blood pressure.

Instead opt for lean meats like chicken or turkey breast with excess fat removed, eggs, tofu, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Select a whole grain containing base like Corn Thins slices which provide your body with more fibre, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants than a refined base.

Go nuts with vegetables! Less than 4% of the population is eating enough fruit and vegetables so if you have a bit of a side salad next to your pizza this is an even bigger win. Instead of adding salt opt for herbs and spices which provide your body with antioxidants.


Take home message: You do not have to take sides in the pizza and cereal debate. By enjoying both during your week you are increasing the variety in your diet which is giving your body different health benefits.

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