Enjoy Corn Thins™ to Get Enough Magnesium

Posted January 2021
Avocado, cucumber, tofu & kimchi on Corn Thins slices

Whole grain containing foods like Corn Thins™ slices provide an array of health benefits for your body. One of these include magnesium. Magnesium is an essential major mineral your body needs to function. It is involved in over 325 different body functions. In general, magnesium is like a good friend who is always trying to calm you down if you are stressed or after an intense exercise session.

Other functions magnesium is involved with includes:

  1. Improved bone health.

Magnesium helps to create a healthy balance of activation in the bone building cells in your body known as osteoblasts and osteoclasts to help create and maintain strong bones.

  1. Optimises your sleep quality.

Magnesium helps to increase the sleep inducing signals from the hormone melatonin. This helps you to sleep with a better quality of sleep and helps to improve your mood.

  1. Improves your blood pressure.

Magnesium helps to balance the electrolytes sodium and potassium which play major roles in determining your blood pressure. Having enough magnesium helps to lower your blood pressure.

  1. Exercise performance.

Magnesium assists in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise by turning your food into energy. Magnesium allows your body to perform at its best capacity by forming the energy sources needed to fuel these types of exercise.

  1. Stress reduction.

Magnesium releases neurotransmitters or signals needed to reduce stress in your body. Bringing back a state of normal balance where your body is at its happiest.


How much magnesium do you need a day?

Men over the age of 31 years need 350mg a day and women need 265mg a day.


Here are some foods to include in your day to get enough magnesium for a healthy body. Per 100g these contain a good source of magnesium:

  1. Whole grain containing foods like Corn Thins™ slices 95mg
  2. Firm Tofu 78mg
  3. Pumpkin seeds 592mg
  4. Sunflower seeds 370mg
  5. Peanut butter 180mg
  6. Uncooked rolled oats 104mg
  7. Raw spinach 107mg
  8. Raw almonds 266mg


Take home message: By eating a balanced diet you can easily meet your magnesium needs. Aim for a diet which is largely based on plant type foods and your body will benefit in many ways.

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