Caramilk & Crushed Pretzels

Posted October 2020
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Corn Thins sliced dipped in melted caramilk & sprinkled with crushed pretzels
Recipe Time
10 mins

Break chocolate into pieces and put into a microwavable bowl. Microwave to melt the chocolate. Check each 30 secs to ensure you don't overheat & dry the chocolate out. This should take between 1 - 2 mins.

Once the chocolate is melted carefully hold each CORN THINS slice by the edges with your fingers and dip the CORN THINS slice face down into the chocolate so that the face of the slice is covered with chocolate. Put slice onto a plate with the chocolate covered side facing up & sprinkle with the broken pretzels (or GF equivalent). Leave for 1 - 2 mins for the chocolate to cool and solidify, then enjoy.



Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate (180g bock)

Pretzel or a gluten free equivalent (crushed)

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