Whole Grains Stand Above the Rest to Decrease Your Risk of Colorectal Cancer

Posted September 2020
Nicoise Salad on Corn Thins slices

Whole grains are a star in promoting optimal health. The link between eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables with a decreased risk of colorectal cancer is well known evidence. However, until recently there has been no independent separation of these food groups and the amount they decrease your risk.

A major report conducted by the American Institute of Cancer Research and the World Health Organisation are the first to show just how powerful whole grains are in preventing your risk of this cancer. Around 47% of your risk of this cancer is linked to lifestyle choices so you do have control of a major percentage of your overall risk.

This report used scientific evidence published throughout the world and investigated over 99 different studies which included 29 million people. Of this 29 million over one quarter were diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

It was concluded that eating 90g or around 3 servings of whole grains each day decreased your risk of developing colorectal cancer by 17%! A serve of whole grains containing crispbreads is 35g, this is around 6 Corn Thins™ slices This means you can enjoy Corn Thins™ as one or more of your serves in a meal during your day or a few on multiple occasions if this suits you better.

Other factors which are important to know are:

  1. Making sure you are loving your fruit and vegetables. Aim for 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables each day. Eating less than 100g was linked to an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer.
  2. Include vitamin C rich foods. This includes fruits and vegetables like oranges, strawberries, broccoli, and spinach.
  3. Be active every day and maintain a healthy body weight. This is good for many reasons and one is a decreased risk of colorectal cancer.
  4. Mind your drink. If you drink over 30g of alcohol or 2 standard drinks or more a day this increases your risk.
  5. Make sure you enjoy a variety of protein and not just red meat. Eating over 500g of red meat is linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer. Try swapping with a plant-based source like baked beans or tofu or try eggs and fish.
  6. Fish was linked to a decreased risk of colorectal cancer. This seafood has many benefits for your health and eating 2-3 100g serves a week is a smart choice.

How you can put these recommendations into action:

  1. Try eating 2-3 Corn Thins™ slices with a tin of tuna and ¼ of an avocado.
  2. Make a poke bowl using your favourite vegetables and baked tofu with a side of Corn Thins™ slices.
  3. As a snack spread 2 tablespoons of 100% peanut butter onto 2-3 Corn Thins™ slices and top with sliced banana.


Take home message: The reasons to fall in love with whole grains are stronger than ever before. Make sure you have a supply of Corn Thins™ products in your cupboard to enjoy on a daily basis.

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