Choose Corn Thins™ to Reduce Runner’s Gut

Posted September 2020
Ricotta, Mandarin & Chopped Dates on Corn Thins slices

Did you know that 30-50% of runner experience the dreaded runner’s gut? Horrible symptoms which start when you are on your run which can include nausea, diarrhoea, stomach cramps. What you choose to eat day to day and before training can have a big impact on this. Here are 4 tips to try:


  1. Train your gut

Your gut is a bit like other muscles that it takes time to tolerate different things. When it comes to the food you eat before a run the time it takes for your body to become comfortable with your choices can take up to 30 days.


  1. Train the fuel you want to use

If you follow a low carbohydrate diet day to day and then switch suddenly to a high carbohydrate diet just prior to training to optimise glycogen and muscle performance your gut will not like this. Your gut adapts to the predominant fuel source you use on a regular basis. This means if you include healthy sources of carbohydrates in your regular diet at a level close to the needs when you exercise this is key. Your gut will empty the carbohydrates faster in your gut and reduce symptoms of runner’s gut.

I am not saying to live off a diet of gummies and soft drink. Having whole goods and beverages which are also good sources of carbohydrates are key. Aim to include a diverse range of whole grains including products such as Corn Thins™ slices. Also nuts, seeds, legumes, fruit and dairy.


  1. Low fat and fibre

Do not reach for the leftover pizza before a run. Low fat and fibre are key to a happy gut as these both stay in your gut for a longer period and can worsen symptoms of runner’s gut.

Corn Thins™ Original slices are a perfect pre run choice with only 1.3g of fibre in 3 cakes. Pair this with some peanut butter or jam and you are good to go.


  1. Mind the coffee

This is especially true if you have not trained your gut. As a diuretic it will naturally increase your desire to go to the bathroom even before you start exercising. If you do want to use coffee as your pre workout supplement, make sure to train the amount and timing. Generally, it is recommended to have 3-5mg of caffeine at least 30 minutes before your workout for results.


Take home message: How you eat prior to going for the run as well as day to day can help reduce the unpleasant symptoms of runner’s gut. Give these 4 suggestions a go and you may find your run becomes a lot more enjoyable.

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