Look After Your Gut Health by Enjoying Corn Thins™

Posted September 2020
Peanut butter & banana Teddy Bears using CORN THINS slices

An important fact to know about nutrition is that the science and evidence is always changing, developing, and growing. If you choose to include whole grain containing products like Corn Thins™ slices in your diet the good news is the research is continuing to grow in support of including this food group. One hot topic of research is your gut health.

You may know that whole grain contain products like Corn Thins™ slices act as prebiotics to the good bacteria in your gut known as probiotics. Without the proper fuel more unhealthy bacteria grow and as a result your health is negatively affected.

Research has begun to look at the exact type of good bacteria which are influenced by a diet either high or low in carbohydrates like whole grains. One study found that a probiotic of good bacteria type called Roseburia is increased in number in those people who followed a high carbohydrate diet compared to a low carbohydrate diet. Roseburia produce a metabolite called butyrate which is important for your health as it is an energy source for your gut cells and protects you against colon cancer.

The take home message from this study was including a variety of high fibre carbohydrates like whole grains in your diet is essential to good gut health and consequently your health. So, the next time someone says you should follow a low carbohydrate diet think about what impact this will have on your gut health and your health.

If you are stuck for ideas on ways to enjoy Corn Thins™ products in your diet why not try:

  1.  Take a few Corn Thins™ cakes and top with 100% peanut butter and sliced banana.
  2. Add 2 Corn Thins™ slices as a side to some soup.
  3. Make a Corn Thins™ sandwich with ¼ avocado, sliced tomato, chicken breast & 2 Corn Thins™ slices.
  4. Substitute eggs on toast for egg on Corn Thins™ slices.

If you need more ideas on ways you can include Corn Thins™ slices check out the smorgasbord of recipe ideas on the Corn Thins™ website at https://www.cornthins.com/en/node/57145.



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