Recipe of the Month: October

Posted September 2020
Minted Pea smash with CORN THINS slices
Smashed pea, feta, and mint

The warmer weather is truly here, and this recipe is a light sensation for your taste buds to match the season. The whole grain containing Corn Thins® products provide a great gluten free choice with more fibre than the refined grain rice cakes available on the market. You may not know that Corn Thins® also help look after your teeth with their cariostatic effect which neutralise acids produced by bacteria and form a protective coating on your teeth. In addition to this recent research has shown a direct link of whole grains ability to reduce your risk of colorectal cancer.

Peas are a great way to increase the amount of vitamin A in your diet which helps to support optimal immune function as well as keeps your eyes working at their best. Peas also add fibre which keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Feta adds protein which is essential to build and repair every cell in your body. Protein also helps to keep the munchies away for longer. Mint adds lightness to this meal and on top of this its own antioxidants. Antioxidants are needed to help fight off free radicals which can cause damage and disease to the cells of your body. Overall, this meal is a stay performer for your health as it contains whole grains, protein and vegetables.

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