Why Everyone Should Be Including Whole Grains in Their Diet

Posted July 2020
Alfalfa, cucumber, avocado & goat's cheese on Corn Thins slices

If you are a relatively healthy person you may not think that you need to include whole grains each day. The promoted health benefits of reduced risk of cancers, diabetes and heart disease may not seem relevant to you. Whole grains are not just carbohydrates but a matrix of nutrition components. Each part from the fibre to the vitamins and minerals plays a role in promoting the healthiest version of you. This blog is to give reasons why you should include whole grains no matter who you are.

Firstly no one likes to feel a sugar crash. When you select whole grains containing products like Corn Thins™ slices, quinoa, whole grain pasta and couscous, brown, red, or black rice or whole grain bread you are giving yourself sustained energy release. The reason behind this is because of the higher fibre content which means your blood sugar levels do not go on a roller coaster ride.

The first point leads into the second as whole grains help you to maintain a healthy weight. The higher fibre content which keeps you feeling fuller for longer and helps keep the munchies at bay. This means you are more likely to be able to say no to the donut in the kitchen or be reaching for the chocolate bar in your desk draw.

Thirdly, your brains favourite type of fuel source comes from carbohydrates. By including whole grains, you are giving you brain energy it needs to think and function optimally. Including whole grains in your diet is linked to improvements in both memory and mood. In addition to this, whole grains cause the release of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is the happy hormone, so you will be thinking and feeling better by including whole grains.

Finally, whole grains contain the types of fibre which feed the good bacteria in your gut. These sources of fibre called soluble fibre and resistant starch allow the healthy bacteria in your gut or probiotics to thrive. When your gut microbes are happy, they improve your immune function and ability to metabolize food more efficiently. There is also a direct link to your brain from your gut called the brain gut axis when your gut is happy so if your brain.

Take home message: There are many long-term health benefits for including whole grains like Corn Thins™ products in your diet. The good news is there are benefits which can be felt and seen almost immediately as well. It would be wise to include whole grains as part of your diet to support optimal function and health for everyday life.

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