Posted April 2020
Hommus & Garlic pan fried beans on Corn Thins slices

Hummus, Pan-fried Garlic Beans recipe


May’s recipe of the month will take your taste buds on a culinary experience to the Middle East. The hummus adds flavor but also manganese needed to make strong bones, assists in reducing inflammation and helps your blood to clot normally. Also, copper needed to make red blood cells and nerve cells and folate which helps to make and repair DNA. Green beans also add more folate, but also immune optimizing vitamin A and C.

Garlic may keep the vampires away, but it can also protect your body in other ways through its immune optimizing antioxidant allicin.  The whole grain base of CORN THINS slices add second to none flavor but also B vitamins needed for the food you eat to be converted to energy. CORN THINS slices are also a good source of magnesium which plays a role in normal energy production and normal muscle and nerve function. This delicious combination of ingredients will keep you coming back to this recipe and is deserving as a regular feature to your weekly meal plan.

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