Give Your Gut More Fuel with These Easy Hacks

Posted March 2023
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Your gut health is a fundamental part of your overall health. The health promoting microbes need different types of plant foods which provide different fuel to your microbes such as prebiotic fibres and polyphenols. When these health promoting microbes eat these plant-based foods they create chemical messages, enzymes and other healthful factors which ultimately help your body to stay healthy and to function optimally. A healthy lifestyle goal can be including thirty different plant-based foods each week. If this seems like an unachievable ask, try these six easy hacks to add more plant foods to your day:


  1. Sprinkle nuts and seeds onto your breakfast.

Do you enjoy toast with peanut butter or porridge in the morning? Both these choices can be easily upgraded both in taste and number of plant-based foods with a sprinkle of seeds or nuts.


  1. Try adding a few extra veggies to your smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to up your daily plant food count. It can be easy to stick with a minimal number of fruits in a smoothie such as using a single banana. Why not add a few more fruits or even try including some vegetables too like a cup of baby spinach.


  1. Remember Pasta Sauces

Do you enjoy spaghetti bolognaise? The sauce can easily be upgraded with more vegetables. Why not try adding mushrooms, carrot, corn, or eggplant as just a few ideas.


  1. Vegetables can be added to baking too

Vegetables can be so versatile and can be a great inclusion to your baking. Why not try making a savoury muffin such as carrot and zucchini, or spinach and cheddar, beetroot muffins, or chive and dill.


  1. Add fruit with your yoghurt

When you enjoy a yoghurt why not add sliced banana and cinnamon on top. It will enhance the sweetness, add prebiotic fibre and polyphenols as well as antioxidants.


  1. Plant stack your pizza

Making pizza at home can be a great way to add more produce to your pizza. A great idea for a small pizza snack with extra crunch can be swapping a regular pizza base with Corn Thins corn cakes.


Take home message: There are many ways you can add more plant-based foods to your week. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Corn Thins also has an extensive recipe section which includes recipes which

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