Love Wholegrains to Protect Your Gut Lining

Posted December 2021
Goats cheese, marinated mushrooms & baby spinach on Corn Thins slices

Variety of plant-based foods is key to your health for many reasons; one is each different microbe needs different types of food such as polyphenols and prebiotics to stay alive and healthy. One important plant food to include in your diet for healthy gut function are wholegrains. If you chose to limit whole grains in your diet this reduces the types of food provided to the good bacteria in your gut.


The consequence of this is certain healthy strains of gut microbes may reduce in number in your gut and be replaced with less healthy microbes. One of the negative health effects of this imbalance of the types of gut microbes is your mucosal lining reduces. A healthy gut mucosal lining protects the lining of your gut and allows things to move through easily.


If you are not a fan of bread, there are many other whole grain choices. Including quinoa, whole grain couscous, rice, wraps, crackers and Corn Thins slices. Variety in the type of wholegrains you choose is a healthy habit as different grains offer different benefits for your body.


Take home message: If you needed another reason to include enough whole grains in your diet remember this important food group for a healthy mucosal lining.



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