How to Eat Mindfully

Posted July 2020
Blueberries, Ricotta & Honey on Corn Thins slices

You are not alone if you can finish a whole bag of Corn Thins™ slices in one sitting. There is no denying the taste is very addictive, but the feeling afterwards may make you regret the decision. Research has shown that if you have easy access to a food the likelihood of eating more or all of it is increased. Here are some helpful strategies you can try to enjoy Corn Thins™ slices on a regular basis in a mindful way without overdoing the amount:

  1. Put the Corn Thins™ pack away from sight, like in the kitchen cupboard, until you are going to eat them. If the Corn Thins™ slices are on the bench top or kitchen table, this easy access and constant visual reminder will likely lead you to eat some or all of Corn Thins™ pack even if you are not hungry.
  2. When you do enjoy Corn Thins™ slices, take out as many as you intend to eat. A 35g amount is considered a serve of whole grains which is around 6 Corn Thins™ or Rice Thins ™ (or 2 serves). If you do feel the need to have more this is fine but it gives you greater awareness of how much you have eaten. This awareness can give you greater control over how much you are eating.
  3. Do not eat in front of the tv, computer or with your phone. This means sitting down and having a little relationship with your meal or snack. Take the time to enjoy what your food looks and smells like.  The feel of the Corn Thins™ slices in your mouth and the satisfying crunch of each rice or corn cake. If you are distracted you miss this amazing experience of eating.
  4. Before you eat (if possible) ask yourself if you are actually hungry or are you bored or emotional eating? This includes stress eating or even using food as a thank you. Food has purpose in celebrations but if this is every time you get out of bed in the morning it will have consequences. Seeking appropriate professional support to provide the tools to swap the outcome (eating) with the emotion is the best way forward and as mentioned in point 3, awareness is the first step forward.
  5. Be patient. It is not easy to make changes, but being successful in mindful eating on some occasions is still success. Keep trying and over time you will develop a greater enjoyment and appreciation of eating and understanding of hunger and satiety.

Take home message: You can enjoy Corn Thins™ products on a regular basis as they are a delicious and nutritious food choice.  You may find it helpful to save this blog to give you the guidance and reminders when you need them to assist you to eat mindfully. 

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    • Madeleine